• Civic Incubator of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    Boosting Entrepreneurs of Alternative Livelihoods in Loreto Baja California Sur, Mexico

  • The Unique Approach of Eco-Ventures Loreto is...

    To generate and develop alternative entrepreneurial livelihoods for the solution of social problems that adversely affect the exploitation and conservation of the local natural resources​.

    Our Mission is:

    To incubate competitive entrepreneurs, in the communities at the greater region of Loreto Baja California Sur, Mexico; helping them generate alternative livelihoods, under the model of sustainable local development, to reduce the current negative pressure on the local environment.

    ... in the long run, our Vision is:

    A society in connection and harmony with the environment, strengthened in their skills and knowledge, systemically contributing to a local sustainable development.

  • Why are we doing it?

    Because of the prevalence of local socio-economic problems & their effects on the human and ecological well-being of the region.

    Target population segments:

    That is, who is suffering the problems..

    In general, are suffered by the environment (cultural & natural), which is affected by urban and rural socio-economic activities at the central coastal region of the Gulf of California. Specifically, the Cooperatives of: Low scale Fisheries, Ecotourism, Organic Farming, Ejidos, Graduates from local Collages, and the ecological conservation NGOs.

    Problem Tree:

    What are the undergoing problems ..

    Deficient stable and steady source of income; Little to non diversification or lack of alternatives for development; Insufficient job creation; Unsustainable activities such as over-fishing and environmental illegality; Unstable long-term conservation and environmental surveillance resources.

    Tree of Causes:

    What provokes it

    The limited local capacity to face global warming and socio-economic needs; Limited local appreciation of the Natural Resources; The nearly depleted availability of natural resources; Inadequate leadership and disorganisation of local stakeholders; The low competitiveness of endogenous activities; The scarce economic resources for monitoring and enforcement of the environmental law.

  • Our Intervention Model

    Starts with a pre-incubation phase, turning an idea into a POSSIBLE venture; Then the incubation phase rises the venture to a PLAUSIBLE and PROBABLE stage; finally, the post-incubation phase transforms the venture into a PLANNABLE Entrepreneurship.


    The wannabe entrepreneur

    • Business Idea generation
    • Business Design Process
    • Basic Entrepreneurial Coaching
    • Basic IT Coaching
    • Basic Sustainable Development Design
    • Festival of Ideas mini-labs Events
    • Capacity building Courses


    Entrepreneur with a Venture

    • Business Design Process Revisited
    • Coaching & Mentoring
    • Entrepreneurial & Strategic thinking 
    • Marketing, Communication & IT 
    • Venture Life Cycle Assessment
    • Sustainable Development Design and Eco-innovation
    • Specialised Consulting Couching
    • Crowdfunding Campaigns 
    • Seed Financing support 
    • Office & Co-working space support.
    • Other Technical Assistance 


    Scaling the Venture

    • Advanced Capacity Building
    • Advanced Consulting
    • Joint-Ventures, Capital Networking
    • Sector Specific Certifications
    • Network Connection to Local, Regional and Global Markets.
    • Networking & benefit sharing of Competitive enterprises  Conserving Biodiversity.
    • Venture Mechanisms for financing Natural Protected Areas
    • Advanced Governmental Assistance Support
  • Get to Know Our Team

    2015 - 2016 Leadership Members

    Hugo Quintero

    Hector Trinidad

    Nidia Ramirez

    Program Coordinator | nidia.ramirez@ecoalianzaloreto.net

    Maria A. Quintero

    Senior Program Officer | maria.quintero@ecoalianzaloreto.net

    Ivette Granados

    Communication & Outreach | ivette.granados@ecoalianzaloreto.net

    Brenda Garcia

    Anthony Kinninger

    Advisor & Funding Investor 

    Linda Kinninger

    Advisor & Funding Investor

    Partner  - Funding Investor

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